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Tax strategies, structures and bookkeeping for business owners

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Affordable Financial Service

Keep our clients growing and on-track

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Try - for Simple, $25 DIY Tax Returns

What We Do

Tax Strategy

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC's)
  • S-Corp Elections
  • Family management companies
  • Retirement Planning - 401k, IRA, HRA
  • Rental Properties


  • Monthly record keeping and accounting
  • Financial Statements: P&L's, Balance Sheets
  • Business Reporting, Payroll, Witholdings
  • Quickbooks Online and APP integration
  • Cloud and On-site solutions


  • Business Turn-Arounds
  • Negotiate bank/supplier terms & conditions
  • Restructuring operations to grow
  • Pricing and Margin consultations
  • Analyze strategic investment opportunities


  • Short-term operating loans
  • Promissory notes
  • Hard Money lending
  • Business planning
  • Financing for start-ups

What Our Clients Are Saying

I love working with Jen. Finally someone that's on the ball, understands the reporting I need to run my business and is well organized and on-time. Thank you.

If you are looking for someone to manage Quickbooks - look no further. You can be confident with this hire.

Efficient, organized, professional. Deadlines are met, reports are clear. I'm thankful to have someone who understands my business and I can use as a sounding board to make decisions quickly. A++

I was worried initially to give up doing the books myself and implement the automation proposed, but I am sooo happy I did. Everything runs much smoother now and I can use my time to grow the business instead of sweating the small stuff. I'm so happy to have more time and I can see my business is taking off.

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System Experts

Additional Services

More than just Taxes and Bookkeeping


Minimize cost. Don't spend money on Corp's and LLC's you don't need. Partner with us, we'll save you thousands of dollars from mistakes and re-work.

Plans & Budgets

Plan your work and work your plan. Without a plan you will spend more time and more money to reach your goals.

Fuel & Grow

Inexpensive financing is available if you know where to look and can prove your case. We can help.


If you need debt to keep your business going, then you need Help -- call us now!.
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